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Discover and book the best adventures in South Africa — it's easy with Gummie

why we do

We all love going on a new adventure with our friends and family. South Africa has 6000 travel experiences, 19 mln travellers per year, 396 destinations. But finding and booking unique travel experiences can be time-consuming and confusing. We are here to change it.

What we do

We hand pick the most exciting travel experiences in the country. We try to cover all kinds of interests: from the city walks and food classes to mountain biking, hiking and kayaking. Our team of professional travel writers and photographers reviews each tour. Booking is secure and easy, and our Customer Service is always there to help.

Our story

Gummie started as a magazine about people, places and events in Johannesburg. Started by a team of foreign travelers in South Africa, it had a successful Kickstarter campaign and launched in December 2012. In under a year it grew into the second largest online magazine in Johannesburg with 45 000 page views per month.

Our team

  • Ksenia Mardina
    Ksenia Mardina

    Founder, CEO

  • Mitya Sudakov
    Mitya Sudakov

    Co-founder, designer

  • Andrey Starkov
    Andrey Starkov